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Arkansas' Experience With Crumb Rubber Modified Mixes Using Marshall and SHRP Level 1 Design Methods
Unmodified and crumb rubber modified mixes conforming to the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) Type II Surface Course specifications
were designed for heavy traffic conditions and environmental conditions typical to the state of Arkansas using the Marshall and Superpave...
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Asphalt Additives, Experimental Project #3, Post Construction Report
This report covers the construction of rubber modified asphalt cement overlay on U.S. Highway 65 in Arkansas. This construction included a stress-absorbing
membrane interlayer along with rubber modified binder and surface...
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Effects of Rubber on Asphalt Mixes
This project was conducted to develop an understanding of the behavior of asphalt concrete mixes that incorporate ground scrap tire rubber. The project focused
primarily on the behavior and performance of a mix that...
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Experimental Project Using Rubber Asphalt Membrane to Retard Reflection Cracking
An asphalt rubber membrane was used as a stress absorbing membrane (SAM) and as a stress absorbing membrane interlayer (SAMI) over a jointed concrete
pavement. This project is located on Interstate 30 in Little Rock. Approximately 5 years after the asphalt rubber...
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Pavement Inventory - Smaller Local Government Case Study
There are approximately 3,100 counties and 16,000 cities in the United States that spend almost $10 billion a year to maintain and improve a 3 million mile system of
roads and streets.  This is a massive commitment of public funds...
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State Government Computerized Ranking
In summary, a Pavement Management program should be tailor designed for each agency. A program, which would be effective in Arkansas, would not necessarily be
effective elsewhere. The agency should also not be hesitant to refine the program to meet...
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