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Occupational Exposure Assessment of Ground Tire Rubber/Asphalt Blending, Mixing and Paving Operations, Draft
A protocol for health hazards of asphalt-rubber is proposed and includes minutes of a meeting where the protocol was discussed.  Testing in Florida will compare
emissions for terminal, mix plant, and paving site will be monitored.  Exposures to the following emission components will be...
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Particulate Emissions Test Report
This report presents the final results of the source particulate emission testing performed at the J.H. Shears Sons, Inc.’s, asphalt plant located at Carbondale, Kansas.  
The purpose of the testing was to determine the particulate emissions rate from the unit.  The emission testing was...
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Report on an Emission Study on the Use of Scrap Tires in Cement Kilns
Presents who is using tire derived fuel (TDF) and manners in which these facilities.  Presents limited information on emissions from some of these test facilities and
looks at some of the emission...
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Report on Emissions from Asphalt Hot Mixes
The most commonly used process to produce asphalt paving mixtures involves mixing petroleum derived asphalt cements at elevated temperatures with mineral
aggregates, such as sand, gravel, slag and various crushed rocks.  In this manner approximately 350 million tons of paving...
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Review of Studies Conducted to Evaluate Environmental Concerns of Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt
Reports on the results of a literature review and state by state survey of activities to evaluate: 1) what explicit environmental and worker health/safety testing has been
done; 2) does CRM asphalt application increase...
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Rubber Mix Asphalt Production Emission Compliance Test Program
An emissions evaluation in New Jersey.  Test data are included but no conclusions are reported.... Read More

SHRP Rt. 195 Sect. 2G and 3H Air Quality Test Results - Emission Compliance Test Program
AirNova, Inc. conducted an emission compliance test program at the STA Seal, Inc. facility located in Florence, New Jersey for the purpose of demonstrating compliance
with applicable NJDEPE regulations.  Emission sampling was conducted at the...
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Stack Sampling Report for the Asphalt Plant Stack Outlet at Mount Hope Rock Products, Wharton, NJ
Calculations and data prepared for Mount Hope Rock Products.  Two photos included... Read More

United Asphalt Test Project: July 28-30, 1993
Testing conducted at United Asphalt Plant No. 12 located in Gahanna, Ohio.... Read More
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