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Evaluation of the Use of Rubber Modified Asphalt Concrete Pavement in the State of Illinois
Reports on the construction of a dense graded rubber modified hot mix test section in Illinois.  Includes pre-construction pavement conditions, mix design, and
construction observations and testing.  The report includes a discussion...
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Illinois State Toll Highway Authority Hot In-Place Recycling Project
The Illinois toll highway authority chose hot surface asphalt recycling as an alternative to conventional repair methods on Interstate 88, a major east-west route near
Chicago.  When confronted with five miles of rapidly deteriorating pavement, superintendent of maintenance John Benda and...
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New Used Tire Recovery Process For Value-Added Products
The goal of this work is to demonstrate a novel pulverization process known as solid-state shear extrusion (originally developed in the former USSR) for used tire
recovery.  Whole tire products and tread tires have been successfully pulverized into fine powder of different particle sizes and size...
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Performance of Rubberized Asphalt Pavements in Illinois - Final Report
In 1991, the Illinois DOT began a program to incorporate scrap tire rubber as a modifier in selected hot-mix asphalt (HMA) paving projects.  This effort was a response
to the requirements of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA) of 1991.  In 1995, when the department ended its efforts in crumb rubber modifier
(CRM) usage, eleven crumb rubber projects...
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The Illinois Experience
This is a publication summarizing mix design, production, construction, testing, performance and costs of Asphalt Rubber... Read More

Utility Cut Restoration
The design life of a city street is dependent on the pavement thickness design and the number and weight of loads it receives while it is in service.  One aspect that is
not accounted for in pavement design is the effect...
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