Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
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A Laboratory Evaluation of Rubber-Asphalt Paving Mixtures
Asphalts modified with different rubbers, including devulcanized CRM and other synthetic rubbers, were evaluated in the laboratory with respect to their physical
characteristics.  The data would seem to indicate that an acceptable cement...
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Characterization of Asphalt Cements Modified with Crumb Rubber from Discarded Tires
Blends with up to 20% ground vulcanized rubber (both crumb and 200 mesh powder particles) from recycled tires were prepared with asphalt cements of various grades
(AC-5 to AC-30) and evaluated using dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA).  Blends produced...
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Determination of Significant Factors Controlling Compatibility of Asphalts with Synthetic Polymers - Final Report
The primary objective of this work is to evaluate several significant factors controlling compatibility between asphalt and synthetic polymers.  Employing NMR, FTIR,
differential scanning calorimetric, dynamic...
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Proposed Louisiana Solid Waste Rules and Regulations Subpart II
This report includes all solid waste recycling and waste reduction rules and regulations... Read More
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