Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
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Asphalt Rubber Concrete Project Maryland Route 543
Asphalt rubber binder is produced by blending asphalt cement and crumb rubber, which is produced from grinding used tires.    The process calls for the asphalt
cement and the crumb rubber to be heated to elevated temperatures and blended for specified...
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Comparison of Marshall and SUPERPAVE  Level I Mix Design for Asphalt Mixes
Mix designs were conducted on fourteen different mixes including three conventional, eight CRM modified (three wet and five dry process), and three polymer modified.  
All mixes except the two PlusRide mixes used the same aggregate gradation.  The mixtures were tested to determine...
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Cracking and Seating of PPC Pavements Prior to Hot Mix Asphalt Overlays
This paper summarizes the state of the art of the Cracking and Seating technique and contains the results of surveys of state highway agencies’ activities with Cracking
and Seating.  Referenced also are approaches for designing HMA overlay thickness...
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Maryland Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt Concrete Demonstration Projects
The primary objectives of the study are:  1) Improve the state of knowledge concerning mix design procedures, plant productivity, and construction control of asphalt
concrete paving mixtures containing scrap tire rubber...
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Resilient Moduli Properties of Asphalt Rubber Mixes From Field Demonstration Projects in the State of Maryland
This study presents the results of Resilient Moduli response obtained from field cores of a newly constructed Maryland State Highway Administration demonstration
project concerning the performance of asphalt rubber...
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State of the Art Syntheses Report Use of Ground Rubber in Hot Mix Asphalt
The primary objective of this report is to provide the Maryland DOT with recommendations regarding the future potential use of asphalt-rubber... Read More

Use of Shredded Rubber in Unbound Granular Flexible Pavement Layers
The major objective of this research was to conduct a feasibility study into the use of shredded rubber as a partial replacement for aggregate base and sand subbase
meeting specifications...
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