Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
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An Evaluation of Dense Graded Asphalt-Rubber Concrete in Minnesota - Final Report
The Minnesota DOT is continually investigating ways to improve the cold temperature performance of its asphalt concrete pavements.  One reported method is to
modify the asphalt binder with ground performance of its asphalt concrete pavements.  One reported method is to modify the asphalt concrete...
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Babbitt Minnesota: A Case Study of Pretreated Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt Concrete
Today’s growing tire disposal problem has motivated many public and private agencies to engage in research to find useful and cost effective long-term uses for waste
tires.  Minnesota agencies were further motivated when landfilling waste tires...
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Bituminous Overlay Reduces Traffic Noise
It’s a little quieter these days next to Crosstown Highway in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Last August, Hennepin County Public Works Department maintenance crews
placed a thin bituminous overlay on...
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Cost Factors - Asphalt Paving Products with Crumb Rubber Modifier
Presents various rehabilitation systems and case histories where asphalt rubber has been shown to be economical on both first cost and life cycle... Read More

Evaluation of “Plus RideTM” (Rubber Modified Plant Mixed Bituminous Surface Mixture)
“PlusRide TM” is a rubber modified plant mixed bituminous wearing course that is advertised as having unique de-icing ability.  This product was developed in Sweden
and is patented in the U.S.  The license to sell this product is held by...
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Evaluation of an Asphalt-Rubber Interlayer
This report presents the field performance results of three asphalt-rubber interlayer test roads in terms of the effectiveness of the interlayer at reducing the rate of
reflection cracking.  Several variables were included in the field experiments: concentration...
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Methods and Materials for Reducing Crack Reflectance
This study was initiated to study methods, procedures and/or materials that may reduce premature pavement failures of asphaltic concrete overlays on pcc pavement
caused by excessive reflective...
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Noise Abatement is Also Our Business
Have you noticed how suddenly quiet your car interior becomes when entering a stretch of asphalt pavement?... Read More

Polymerized Crumb Rubber Modified Mixtures in Minnesota - Final Report
This research program was based on laboratory and field studies.  All work was limited to the use of a 10-mesh crumb rubber in the dry process.  An evaluation of the
asphalt-rubber interactions indicated that there should be a reasonable level of interaction between the crumb rubber and the asphalt cement...
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Summary of C.K. Preus Report,  November 28, 1972
A series test sections were set up, five on Bituminous Surface and five on concrete surfaces.  Noise emissions were measured 25 feet from the road... Read More

Summary Report on Asphalt-Rubber Usages
Today’s growing tire disposal problem has motivated many states and private agencies to engage in researching for a useful and cost effective long-term disposition of
tire rubber.  One major experimental alternative is the process of combining rubber with asphalt to form an asphalt-rubber to be applied in the construction of
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Use of Asphalt-Rubber Products in Minnesota, The
This report is a compilation of completed and soon to be completed asphalt-rubber studies undertaken by the Minnesota DOT.  The goals of each study vary with the
manner in which the asphalt-rubber was utilized.  Asphalt-rubber has...
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Using Shredded Waste Tires as a Lightweight Fill Material for Road Subgrades - Summary Report
Waste tires have been a disposal problem in the past and are continuing to accumulate throughout the US today.  Using shredded waste tires as a lightweight fill
material for road construction has proven to be...
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