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20th WEDC Conference: Colombo, Sri Lanka, 1994 Rubber Recycling
This is a summary of WEDC Conference held in Sri Lanka.... Read More

Dynamic Analysis of Asphaltic-Aggregate Mixtures
Ultrasonic probes have been constructed for use in dynamic nondestructive testing of asphaltic concrete specimens.  Use of the probe systems was superior to use of
their main components alone, the piezoelectric crystals.  The probes have the advantages of reducing ringing time, concentrating...
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Evaluation of Viscosity-Graded Asphalt Cements in Utah
The methods commonly used to grade asphalts (penetration, viscosity, and ductility) were investigated to determine their effectiveness as indicators of performance.  
Although these parameters were found to be of value in establishing asphalt quality and in controlling mix and lay-down ...
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Field and Laboratory Evaluation of Asphalt-Treated Base and Full-Depth Pavements in Ohio
With the rapid growth of the City of Phoenix, islands of non-paved streets developed causing dust and  bottlenecks that had to be paved.  These were low-volume
streets with not willing property owners to pay for the cost of construction.  Alternate...
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Field Manual on Design and Construction of Seal Coats
This manual has been prepared to provide guidelines for the design and construction of seal coats.  If followed these guidelines will improve the chance of successfully
placing seal coats under a variety of traffic, pavement...
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Industrial Hygiene Report
The survey was conducted to evaluate employees’ exposures to air pollution emitted from crumb rubber modifier asphalt (CRM asphalt) during recycling and paving
operations.  The survey was requested by Greg Scott, assistant...
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Ontwikkeling van een mengselontwerpmethode voor de regenatie van oud rubberasfalt / Development of a Mixture
Design Method for the Regeneration of Old Rubber Asphalt
This report is written in Dutch, no summary available... Read More

Proposed Louisiana Solid Waste Rules and Regulations Subpart II
This report includes all solid waste recycling and waste reduction rules and regulations.... Read More

Repeated-Load Indirect Tensile Fatigue Characteristics of Asphalt Mixtures
The determination of the fatigue characteristics of pavement materials is necessary for the design and evaluation of highway and airport pavements.  This paper
summarizes the findings of a study in which the controlled-stress, repeated-load indirect tensile test was used to investigate...
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Some British Experience of the Behavior of Furnace Bottom Ash and Slate Waste for Pavement Foundations
The paper describes studies accomplishes at the University of Nottingham with two secondary aggregates used in road construction: furnace bottom ash (FBA) and
slate waste.  Both materials are described in terms of the industrial processes, which generate them, availability, location and present...
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State Scrap Tire Programs: A Quick Reference Guide
Scrap tire management has become a serious concern over the past several years.  Every year, approximately 242 million scrap tires are generated in the U.S.  The
majority of these are added to the 2 to 3 billion scrap tires already in stockpiles across the country.  Since the first...
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Summary of Markets for Scrap Tires
This booklet summarizes EPA’s Markets for Scrap Tires.  It describes factors affecting the current supply and demand for scrap tires, and provides information on future
market trends.  It also explains how to obtain a copy of...
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Test Methods for Ground Rubber Material
This report includes the Baker test methods:... Read More

The Legislative Process in the Arizona Senate
Anyone reading this booklet should understand that with the exception of a few guidelines set forth in the Arizona Constitution, the entire legislative process is by
Senate and House of Representatives Rules, which are adopted by a majority of the currently sitting Senate and House members.  The process...
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Tires as a Fuel Supplement:  Feasibility Study
This report is on the feasibility of using waste tires as a fuel supplement for cement kilns, lumber operations, and other industrial processes... Read More

Total Transportation Financial Needs During the Next Decade (1981-1990)
The subject matter of the report was not novel since transportation is a highly capital intensive activity. The continuing investment of large sums of money, both public
and private, is needed in order to sustain the efficient operation of the transportation...
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Virginia’s Experience with Open-Graded Surface Mix
The Virginia Dept. of Highways and Transportation has used the bituminous open-graded, porous friction course (PFC) since 1972 to resurface hazardous locations
and roadways needing routine resurfacing.  A before and after accident study of one location revealed a significant decrease in wet pavement...
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VTRC Completes Survey of States’ Use of Waste Glass in Highway Construction
The Virginia Transportation Research Council earlier this year completed a survey of the current involvement of state highway agencies in the use of waste glass in
highway agencies in the use of waste glass in highway construction...
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