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Design Methods for Hot-Mixed Asphalt-Rubber Concrete Paving Materials
The properties and use of asphalt-rubber materials for various paving and maintenance activities have been well documented in the literature.  The majority of this
literature reports on properties of...
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Effect of Crumb Rubber Particle Size and Content on The Low Temperature Rheological Properties of Binders
This paper presents a study to evaluate low temperature rheological properties of crumb rubber modified binders and the impact of the particle size and content on
such properties.  Three ...
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Field Aging Effects On The Fatigue of Asphalt Concrete And Asphalt-Rubber Concrete
This paper describes a study to investigate the influence of field aging on the fatigue performance of asphalt concrete and asphalt-rubber concrete. Two California
mixes were investigated: 1) Conventional asphalt concrete ...
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