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Asphalt Additives Study – Construction Report
This report documents the construction of control and additive-modified bituminous concrete test sections on Route NJ 41, Section 3A.  This widening and realignment
project utilizes full-depth bituminous construction, with five asphalt additives...
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Asphalt Emulsions in Cold Recycling
An asphalt emulsion consists of three basic ingredients:  asphalt, water, and an emulsifying agent.  In some instances the use of a stabilizer is needed.  In making an
asphalt emulsion the object is to disperse the asphalt into water...
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Bituminous Concrete with Additives Route 42 Section 3A
Yearly test results from the projects described in Special Bituminous Mixtures and Asphalt Additives Study Construction Report.  Properties of materials after extraction
including sieve analysis of aggregates, penetration and viscosity of recovered...
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Burlington County Closed Loop Used Tire Recycling Facility
More than 282 million scrap tires, or approximately 1 tire per person, are generated each year in the United States.  More than 75 percent of these scrap tires are
placed in landfills and stockpiles or dumped illegally.  Some estimates indicate that illegal dumping may...
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Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt Concrete
This report describes the mix design and air quality asphalt plant emissions testing of crumb rubber modified bituminous concrete mixes.  The wet process and the dry
process were used to incorporate crumb rubber into standard bituminous concrete mixes, an open graded friction course, a recycled...
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Managing Pavements: Local Government Manual Review of Data
Each of the existing pavements within your jurisdiction needs to be reviewed on an annual basis to develop a Pavement Management Program (PMP).  By doing so, a
systematic and consistent manner of approach can be used to evaluate...
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Marketing Development Strategies for Recyclable Materials
The New Jersey Office of Recycling objectives for conducting these market development studies for waste paper, plastics, ferrous scrap, tires, and batteries.  They
wanted to identify those factors that are most critical in determining...
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Mix Designs and Air Quality Emissions Tests of Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt Concrete
The objective of this study was to develop bituminous concrete mixes with crumb rubber modifier (CRM), to compare those mixes to the standard mixes and to compare
the resulting air quality asphalt plant emissions during production of the mixes.  With a major emphasis on...
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Modified Bituminous Concrete Route I-95-3H, I-295-9F
The purpose of this laboratory investigation is to conduct a technical analysis of a rubber modified bituminous concrete design to determine how feasible it is as a
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New Jersey Department of Transportation Experience With Recycled Materials
In the 1970’s and 1980’s the solid waste disposal problem in New Jersey slowly grew to crisis proportions.  Solid waste regulations were developed and the NJDOT was
mandated to develop uses for recycled waste...
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Petroleum Contaminated Soils in Highway Construction
There are between 0.8 to 1.2 million leaking underground storage tanks (USTs) mostly storing petroleum by-products such as gasoline and fuel oil.  Leaking petroleum
products from USTs contaminate soil and move to contaminate ground water. In 1984 US Congress added Subtitle I to the Resource Conservation and...
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Placement and Compaction of Thin Lift Asphalt Overlays
This presentation defines a thin lift as less than two inches compacted thickness.  Thickness is partly determined by the anticipated traffic density and partly by the
need to reduce stress levels in the underlying layers.  Thin lifts should be used for relatively low traffic density requirements...
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Recycling of Waste Tires in Asphalt Paving Construction
Each year approximately 9 – 10 million waste tires are generated in New Jersey.  Historically, 85% - 90% of these waste tires were going to a combination of landfills,
stockpiles and illegal dumping.  While no data is available on a breakout of the percentages going to landfills as opposed...
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Recycling Plus Ride Paving Mixtures, Ferry Street, Newark, New Jersey
On August 3, 1992, 20% of a Plus Ride mixture #12 was recycled into New Jersey’s standard I-5 surface course mixture.  No modifications where required to the drum
plant and all production procedures were normal for producing...
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Recycling Scrap Tires to Build Artificial Reefs
During the course of the project more than 650 tons of scrap tires were removed from a tire dumpsite in Tabernacle, NJ.  These were recycled into 807 artificial reel
units, which were deployed on two artificial reef sites.  The project demonstrated that current methods...
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Rubberized Rap Recycling, Ferry Street, Newark, NJ
With the incipient Federal regulations mandating the use of ground tire rubber, one of the biggest concerns of the asphalt industry is the recyclability of asphalt
pavements containing ground tire rubber.  Currently, recycling of asphalt pavement is routine in most states.  Recycling is an economically...
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SHRP Rt. 195 Sect. 2G and 3H Air Quality Test Results - Emission Compliance Test Program
AirNova, Inc. conducted an emission compliance test program at the STA Seal, Inc. facility located in Florence, New Jersey for the purpose of demonstrating compliance
with applicable NJDEPE regulations.  Emission sampling was conducted at the...
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Special Bituminous Concrete Mixtures - Route 41 Section 3A and Rt. 154, Sec. 1C
Material testing program for five special bituminous concrete mixtures.  Test data are included for the following materials: (1) Chemiktree, (2) Tex-crete, Polysay XE-261
latex, (3) Solar...
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Stack Sampling Report for the Asphalt Plant Stack Outlet at Mount Hope Rock Products, Wharton, NJ
Calculations and data prepared for Mount Hope Rock Products.  Two photos included... Read More
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