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Construction of a Full-Depth Asphalt Pavement Using Recycled Tire Rubber: The Route 32 Pilot Project - Final Report
This report describes the construction of a rubber-modified hot-mix asphalt pavement on route 32 in Albany County, in NYDOT’s Region 1, using recycled-tire rubber.  It
includes plant operations...
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Evaluation of the Use of Rubber-Modified Asphalt Mixtures for Asphalt Pavements in New York State.  Final Report
Object of this study was to provide an objective assessment of the costs and benefits of implementing procurement requirements for including a predetermined fixed
amount of scrap tire rubber in asphalt paving...
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Experimental Construction of Rubber-Modified Asphalt Pavements in New York State - Final Report
The purpose of this report is to describe the pilot construction project location, layout of the individual test strips, composition of the different mixtures, construction
information, and quality control test data.  The report also includes limited cost data...
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Performance of Two Rubber-Modified Asphalt-Concrete Overlays: A Three-Year Progress Report
Reports on the three year performance of two test projects constructed with 0, 1, 2, and 3% CRM in the hot mix using the dry process and a PlusRide section.  Rutting,
cracking and raveling were recorded semi-annually.  The mixes were tested for density, Marshall properties...
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Rubber-Modified Asphalt-Concrete Overlays: A Summary of Field Performance
In 1987, the New York State Legislature directed the DOT to undertake a pilot project demonstrating the use of waste-tire rubber in construction or improvement of state
highways.  This resulted in building two test roads in the summer of 1989, using various percentages of...
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Use of Scrap Automobile Tire Rubber In Highway Construction
In response to a bill which would have required the DOT to undertake a pilot program to evaluate the usefulness of rubber-modified asphalt in the construction and
improvement of highways, Governor...
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