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ADOT’s Use of Crumb Rubber in Asphalt Pavements
The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) has used crumb rubber from ground tires since the late 1960's to primarily reduce reflective cracking. In 1988,
ADOT started to use crumb rubber mixed with hot asphalt, commonly referred to as asphalt rubber as a binder in hot-mix asphalt. Typically, these...
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Quiet Pavement Pilot Program - Progress Report No. 2
This report summarizes activities completed to date on the Quiet Pavement Pilot Program (QPPP), a research program partnering the Federal Highway Administration
(FHWA) ...
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Smooth Seal Pavement Preservation Application at Desert Mountain Home Owners Association
On September 13th International Surfacing began the first Smooth Seal project in Arizona. This pavement preservation system is not unique from the standpoint of
application, which is simply a double chip seal. However the chip seal type concerning the first layer and the second layer is what makes this system...
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Thin is in! The Development of the Caltrans Reduced Thickness Guidelines
In 1978, in its quest to find a more durable mix for the snow region where tire chains are used and the design life was not being achieved, Caltrans began experimenting
with crumb rubber in asphalt mixes. The first field trial using Asphalt-Rubber was in 1980. Laboratory research indicated that crumb rubber modified...
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