Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
Performance Prediction and Cost-Effectiveness of Asphalt-Rubber Concrete in Airport Pavements
Hoyt, Denise M.; Lytton, Robert L. and Roberts, Freddy L
December, 1987
Cost, Performance
Key Words:
Airport pavements
This paper reports on the promising results of a research study conducted to investigate the feasibility of using
asphalt-rubber concrete, which contains ground and recycled tire rubber, as a surface material for airfield pavements at
municipal airports.  This research indicated that asphalt-rubber concrete, when properly designed and compacted, could
provide a temperature-resistant and long wearing pavement surface course for the large aircraft typically coming into
and out of a municipal airport.   The asphalt-rubber concrete was predicted to be particularly advantageous over asphalt
concrete in cases of wide seasonal temperature variation with high and low temperatures.
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