Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
Biological Monitoring Assessment of Road Paving Workers Exposed to Asphalt and Crumb Rubber
Modified Asphalt
Levine, A.J., Ph.D.; Ralaska, G., Ph.D.; Bulter, M.A., Ph.D.; Miller, A., M.D.; Hanley, K., M.S., C.I.H.; Wallingford, K., M.S.,
C.I.H.; Lewtas, J., Ph.D. and Schulrte, P., Ph.D.
June, 1994
Key Words:

The first objective of the present proposal is to determine if biological monitoring can add significantly to environmental
sampling for CRM-asphalt-specific exposures.  The specific aims associated with this objective are:
1. Determine if MIBK is present in any of the personal air-samples, as implied in the EPA summary of four comparative
2. Determine if MIBK, or other constituent exposure measured in the CRM-asphalt but not in the post-shift urine of
 workers using regular-asphalt or who have no asphalt exposure.
3. Determine if there is an epidemiologic association between the presence of MIBK, or other constituent exposure
 measured in the personal air samples, and either the personal air-samples or the post-shift urine samples and the
 presence of self-reported symptoms.

The second of this study is to determine if US road paving workers have biologically relevant exposures to potentially
carcinogenic PAH compounds.
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