Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
Occupational Exposure Assessment of Ground Tire Rubber, Blending, Mixing, and Paving Operations,
Volume I
Hicks, Jeff; Worl, Kim and Drew, Nicole, Radian Corp.
May, 1993
Key Words:
Ground Tire Rubber, GTR, GTR/Asphalt, Asphalt, Worker Exposure, Occupational Health, OSHA, Paving
This report presents the results of an occupational exposure assessment of asphalt fume and chemical constituents
during blending, mixing, and paving operations that featured the use of ground tire rubber (GTR)/asphalt and
conventional asphalt materials.  The state of Florida DOT commissioned this study to evaluate the occupation health
considerations of the use of GTR in asphalt paving applications.  This study compared measured exposures between
those gathered during three days of conventional asphalt use and three days of GTR/asphalt use at the bulk terminal, hot
mix plant and paving site.
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