Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
Air Emissions Associated with the Combustion of Scrap Tires for Energy Recovery
Shanahan, Mark; Blumenthal, Michael; Hall, Robert; McGowin, Charles, McKena, John and Williams, Ned
May, 1991
Key Words:
Emissions, scrap tires
This report presents a compilation of available air emissions data from sources which combusted scrap source.  Air
pollution control equipment requirements and air emissions testing protocols vary from state to state, resulting in a wide
range in reported emissions.  Although this air emissions data base is limited, enough information is available to suggest
that scrap tires for energy recovery be explored as a possible solution to the scrap tire management problem.   As a
result of reviewing the available literature of air emission data associated with the combustion of scrap tires for energy
recovery, several conclusions are possible:
(1) Scrap tires should be considered a resource rather than a waste material;
(2) Scrap tires in either a shredded, chipped, or chipped, or whole condition have been combusted in an environmentally
   sound manner and;
(3) Scrap tires have a significant heat content, and under controlled conditions this heat ca be extracted for a beneficial
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