Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
Asphalt/Rubber Fume Pilot Study (Final)

March, 1993
Emissions, Environmental
Key Words:

The use of recycled rubber materials, as a supplement in asphalt binder in road paving was the subject of this
occupational exposure assessment.  United States federal legislation (1991 Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency
Act, Section 1038) requires that a specified percentage of federally funded paving projects use asphalt/rubber materials.
The use of asphalt/rubber materials has stimulated concerns about occupational exposures to chemicals present in the
fume.  Limited monitoring data has been developed to date to evaluate the impact of the recycled rubber material on the
chemical constituents of asphalt fume.
Radian Corp. was contracted by NAPA to conduct a pilot asphalt/rubber fume study.  The objectives of the study were:
• To measure worker exposures, during paving operations, to specified chemical contaminants potentially present in the
 asphalt/rubber fume; and
• To collect headspace fume samples from the asphalt and asphalt/rubber tanks to characterize source concentrations of
 the specified chemicals of interest.
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