Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
Exposure of Paving Workers to Asphalt Emissions (When Using Asphalt-Rubber Mixes)
Rinck, Grace and Napier, Dan, C.I.H.
Emissions, Environmental
Key Words:
asphalt-rubber and aggregate membrane, stress absorbing membrane, stress absorbing membrane interlayer, asphalt-
rubber cape seal, asphalt-rubber hot mix, two-layer system, three-layer system, asphalt-rubber binder blending
In the study we sought to identify any occupational exposures inherent in the paving procedures and to compare asphalt
fume exposures with asphalt-rubber mixes to exposures connected with the use of conventional asphalt mixes and to
Permissible Exposure Limits (PEL’s).  Monitoring was conducted over a period of two and one-half years.  Sampling was
performed to obtain a representative overview of the different processes used by Manhole Adjusting Contractors Inc.  
The time periods between sampling were set up to allow review of the results and procedures and to make any
necessary changes in either sampling procedure or analytical technique.
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