Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
Exposure of Paving Workers to Asphalt Emissions
Puzinauskas, V.P.
July, 1980
Emissions, Environmental
Key Words:

The Asphalt Institute is involved in the continuing evaluation of asphalt-derived emissions generated during construction
or industrial processes utilizing asphaltic materials.  Generally, these studies are to evaluate the compositional
characteristics of asphalt emissions, and to assess the levels of workers’ exposure to such emissions.  To date, the
chemical composition of asphalt emissions generated during the hot-plant mixing of paving mixtures, and during the
heating of roofing asphalts in roofing kettles have been evaluated.  Also, the evaluation of exposure to asphalt fumes of
various personnel involved in the construction of a built-up roof has been completed.
The primary purpose of this current study is to evaluate the exposure to asphalt fumes of workers performing various
tasks during pavement construction.  In this, as in previous studies, the emphasis is placed on sampling and evaluations
carried out under working conditions representative of those encountered by workers during the placement of paving
mixtures.  A secondary purpose of this study is to assess the utility and applicability of sampling and testing procedures
outlined in the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) publication dealing with a recommended
standard for asphalt fumes.
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