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A Noise-Absorbing Road Surface Made of Poroelastic Asphaltic Concrete
Dr. Ing. A. von Meier and Ir. J.C.P. Heerkens
International, Netherlands
January, 1986
Key Words:

A new road-surface material, called poroelastic asphaltic concrete (PEAC), has been designed with a view to its acoustic
properties.  The aim was to achieve the greatest possible sound absorption in the frequency ranges that are most
important as regards traffic noise as well as good civil engineering properties.  The material is an open-textured asphalt
mixture with a very high voids percentage made possible by the addition of rubberized bitumen as a binder.  The
rubberized bitumen contains finely ground old tyre tread.  On a wearing course of 4 cm on a provincial road, with an
average measured speed of about 80 km per hour, a noise reduction of about 3-5 dB was achieved relative to noise
levels on dense asphaltic concrete.  Besides reducing traffic noise at the source, the use of this material also contributes
to improving road safety and to solving the problem of getting rid of old tyres.  PEAC can be used on a large scale,
employing technology already available in the road-building industry.
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