Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
Environmental Noise Analysis - Rubberized vs. Conventional Asphalt Overlays Alta Arden Expressway
and Bond Road

November, 1995
Key Words:

In late 1994, Sacramento County retained BBA to perform three additional acoustical analyses of the effects of roadway
repaving on traffic noise levels.  The first of these analyses was a return to the Alta Arden Expressway to re-evaluate the
noise reduction provided by the use of rubberized asphalt on the roadway after a period of at least one year had elapsed
since the repaving.  The second of these analyses focused on the noise reduction provided by the repaving of the Bond
Road with conventional asphalt.  The third analysis consisted of evaluating the effects of rubberized asphalt on a
different County roadway, specifically Antelope Road between Auburn Boulevard and Old Auburn Road.  This report
presents the results of the first of those two additional studies.  The Antelope Road is nearly complete, and the results of
that analysis should be provided to the County before the end of 1995.
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