Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
1988 Report on Bridge Deck Waterproofing
Evers, R.C. and Lynch, D.F.  
International, Canada  
January, 1989  
Key Words:

In 1988, the Ministry of Transportation monitored the thickness of waterproofing membrane placed on bridges under its
authority, as well as the quality of the membrane.
Membrane thickness is controlled by an end result specification (ERS) that was introduced in 1986.  This specification
was expanded in 1987 to include membrane quality.
This report contains a summary of the data assembled and comments on the level of compliance with specified
tolerances.  Comparison is also made to data of previous years.
As a result of an analysis of the contained data, it is concluded that membrane thickness and quality compliance is
continuing to improve under end result specifications.
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