Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
Evaluation of Reflective Cracking Resistance in Bituminous Mixtures
Pais, Jorge and Pereira, Paulo, University of Minho  
International, Portugal  

Key Words:

Bituminous overlays are currently the most prevalent method used to retard the reappearance of cracks in the
pavement surface.  Even though the usual distress mode in overlays is reflective cracking, the design of these overlays
typically does not take this particular distress mechanism into account.  Oftentimes, reflective cracks rapidly propagate
through the overlay, sometimes within a year or two of rehabilitation.  Ideally, overlays should have the ability to retard,
for some time, the propagation of the existing crack pattern.  In this paper, laboratory simulation of the cracking
phenomena that takes place in the field is carried out with the reflective cracking device (RCD).  The RCD applies a
typical crack activity pattern as can be directly measured in flexible pavements.
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