Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
Asphalt Pavements Modified with Coarse Rubber Particles Design, Construction, and Ice Control
Observations Final Report
Esch, David C., P.E., Alaska DOT  
August, 1984  
Key Words:
pavement durability, rubber tires, elastomer modified asphalts, paving skidding characteristics, flexible pavements, ice
The Alaska DOT & PF installed six experimental pavement sections using the PlusRide system between 1979 & 1983.  
Major modifications to normal asphalt pavement aggregate gradations, asphalt contents, and mix design procedures are
considered essential to achieve durable non-ravelling rubber asphalt pavements.  Laboratory test indicate these mix
have a potential for greatly increased pavement fatigue life, particularly when finely ground rubber is added to the mix
and the mix is allowed to cure for 1 hour prior to compaction.  Attaining low voids is a primary design and construction
objective.  Skid tests indicate a significant reduction in city road stopping distances, during icy conditions, using the
PlusRide system.
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