Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
Remaining Fatigue Life Analysis: A Comparison Between Conventional Asphalt Concrete – Dense
Graded (CAC-DG) and Asphalt-Rubber Hot Mix – Gap Graded (ARHM-GG)
Raad, Lutfi; Sabaoudjian, Stepen and Corcoran, John  
January, 1993  
Key Words:

A procedure for estimating the remaining fatigue life of existing bituminous pavements is developed.  This procedure
incorporates laboratory fatigue data for tensile strain or surface curvature in terms of repetitions to failure.  It also utilizes
laboratory data on reduction of flexural stiffness with load repetitions.  The proposed method is applied to investigate
the remaining fatigue life of a conventional asphalt concrete mix – dense graded (CAC-DG) and an asphalt-rubber hot
mix – gap graded (ARHM-GG) using laboratory flexure fatigue data and multilayer elastic analysis of typical pavement
sections.  Results show that for a given initial state of fatigue damage, the remaining fatigue life of ARHM-GG could be
significantly linger that CAC-DG.  It is also illustrated that thinner sections of ARHM-GG, compared with CAC-DG, will
exhibit the same remaining fatigue life.  This reduction in thickness becomes more significant with increasing foundation
support under the pavement surface layer.
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