Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
Thermal Cracking of Rubber Modified Pavements
Raad, Lutfi; Yuan, Xioalin & Saboundjian, Stephen, University of Alaska  
May, 1995  
Key Words:
Recycled tire rubber, rubber modified pavements, asphalt-rubber, rubberized asphalt  
In accordance with original ISTEA mandate to use crumb tire rubber in pavements, Alaska would be required to use
about 250 tons of used tire rubber starting in 1994 and increasing to about 1,000 tons of rubber in 1997 and each year
thereafter.  A number of pavements using crumb rubber modifiers have been built in the state and have been in service
for periods of 8 to 15 years.  Knowledge of the behavior of these rubber-modified pavements under extreme climatic
conditions, particularly in relation to their low temperature cracking resistance, is necessary for future design and
construction of rubberized pavements in Alaska.  This report presents results of a study to determine the low
temperature cracking resistance of rubber modified pavements in Alaska in comparison with conventional asphalt
concrete pavements.
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