Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
Evaluation of Ground Tire Rubber in Asphalt Concrete - Final Report
Ruth, Bryon E.  
January, 1992  
Key Words:

In 1988, the Florida Legislature passed Senate Bill 1192 which set forth in Section 336.044 of the Florida Statutes a
directive to the Florida DOT to expand, where feasible, its use of recovered (waste) materials for highway construction.  
Specifically, the bill directed that an investigation be conducted to determine how ground tire rubber (GTR) from waste
tires could be used in quality asphalt concrete mixtures for highway construction by undertaking demonstration projects
as part of the currently scheduled construction program.  Furthermore, it stipulated that within one year after the
conclusion of the demonstration projects the FDOT shall report to the Governor and the Legislature on the maximum
percentage of ground tire rubber that can be effectively utilized in road construction projects.  Concurrent with the
submission of the report the FDOT shall review and modify its standard road and bridge construction specification to
allow and encourage the use of ground tire rubber consistent with the findings of the demonstration projects.
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