Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
Improvement of Asphalt Mix Design to Prevent Rutting
Ruth, B.E.; Tia, M., Shen, X. & Wang L-H, University of Florida  
May, 1994  
Key Words:
Asphalt Mixture design, gyratory testing machine, compaction, quality control/quality assurance  
Crushed stone aggregates and a natural sand were used to prepare different aggregate gradations for FDOT Structural
Asphalt Mixtures.   Each gradation was modified by altering the mineral filler content and substitution of up to 20 percent
natural sand for crushed stone screenings.  Mixtures were prepared with these aggregate blends, compacted, and tested
at 60°C in the Gyratory Testing Machine.  The result of this investigation indicated that the GTM air-roller mix design and
evaluation procedures was successful in identifying the optimum asphalt content, sensitivity of the mix to changes in
MF and asphalt content, the effect of natural sand content and gradation of aggregates, and their relationships to air void
content, voids in the mineral aggregate, and asphalt content.
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