Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
Discarded Tires in Highway Construction - Evaluation of Asphalt-Rubber as a Stress Absorbing
Interlayer and a Binder for Seal Coat Construction
Potts, Charles and Murphy, Charles Florida DOT  
June, 1980  
Key Words:
Asphalt-Rubber materials
In the latter part of 1978, ten experimental sections were constructed in Florida to evaluate the field performance of
asphalt-rubber material when used as a stress absorbing membrane and as a binder in seal coat construction.  The
field-testing includes condition surveys, post construction analysis and a pavement performance evaluation of the
pavement after six months.  The initial results indicate an acceptable pavement can be produced with the asphalt-rubber
materials when the proper design and construction procedures are used.  Further field evaluations will be necessary in
order to draw definite conclusion with regard to long-term pavement performance and cost effectiveness of the
asphalt-rubber material.
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