Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
Evaluation of Asphalt-Rubber Seal Coats and Interlayers for Rehabilitation of Flexible Pavements -
Demonstration Project 37 - Final Report
Gulden, Wouter, P.E.  
September, 1982  
Key Words:
seal coats, interlayers, asphalt-rubber, reflective cracking  
The Georgia DOT placed an asphalt-rubber seal coat section on SR-37 in Calhoun County and an asphalt-rubber
interlayer section on SR-20 in Cherokee County in 1976 as part of FHWA Demonstration Project No. 37.  An Additional
asphalt-rubber interlayer section was placed on AR-20 in 1978 using a different rubber composition.
The performance trends indicate that the asphalt-rubber seal coat performed better in reducing reflective cracking than
the control section consisting of a double surface treatment, but not as well as a triple surface treatment section.  The
asphalt-rubber interlayer also reduced the occurrence of fatigue type reflective cracking on the overlay based on visual
observations.  Two of the four fabric sections placed for comparison purposes also reduced the reflective cracking.
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