Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
Evaluation of Recycled Rubber in Asphalt Concrete - Plymouth County
Anderson, Chris  
August, 1992  
Key Words:
asphalt pavement, crumb rubber, ground recycled rubber, discarded tires, asphalt-rubber  
The Iowa DOT is evaluating the use of ground recycled crumb rubber from discarded tires in asphalt rubber cement.  
There were four projects completed during 1991 and another one constructed in 1992.  This project is located on IA 140
north of Kingsley in Plymouth County.  The project contains one section with reacted asphalt rubber cement (ARC) used
in both binder and surface courses, one with reacted ARC used in the surface course and a conventional binder course,
and a conventional mix control section.
The reacted rubber binder course was placed on October 17, 1991 and the reacted rubber surface course was placed on
October 17, 18, and 19.
Inclement weather caused a slight delay in placing or constructing the surface.  There was a minor problem with shoving
and cracking of the binder course.  The construction went well otherwise.
Information included in this report consists of test results, construction reports, and cost comparisons.
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