Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
Asphalt Rubber Cement Concrete - Webster County
Anderson, Chris  
February, 1993  
Key Words:
ground crumb rubber, recycled tires, asphalt rubber cement, crumb rubber modifier, asphalt concrete  
Discarded tires have become a major disposal problem in the US.  Different techniques of recycling these discarded
tires have been tried.  The state of Iowa is currently evaluating the use of discarded tires ground into crumb rubber and
blending it with asphalt to make asphalt rubber cement (ARC).  This was the sixth project this process has been used in.  
This project is located on US 169 from the east junction of IA 175 west and north to US 20.
Only the binder course was placed this year with the surface course to be let a later date.  There are four test sections,
two sections with conventional mixtures and two with ARC mixtures.
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