Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
Evaluation of Recycled Rubber in Asphalt Concrete - Black Hawk County - Project HR-330D
Anderson, Chris  
September, 1992  
Key Words:
asphalt pavement, crumb rubber, recycled tires, asphalt rubber cement  
The disposal of discarded tires has become a major problem.  Different methods of recycling have been researched.  
Currently, Iowa is researching the use of ground recycled crumb rubber from discarded tires in asphalt rubber cement.  
Six projects have been completed in Iowa using asphalt rubber cement.
This project is located on IA 947 (University Ave.) in Cedar Falls/Waterloo.  The project contains one section with asphalt
rubber cement used in both the binder and surface courses and one section using asphalt rubber cement in the surface
course with a conventional binder.  There are two control sections where conventional asphalt pavement was placed.
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