Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
Use of Asphalt-Rubber Products in Minnesota, The
Turgeon, Curtis M.  
September, 1989  
Key Words:
stress absorbing membranes, asphalt-rubber, stress absorbing membrane interlayers, dense graded asphalt-rubber
concrete, Plus-Ride  
This report is a compilation of completed and soon to be completed asphalt-rubber studies undertaken by the Minnesota
DOT.  The goals of each study vary with the manner in which the asphalt-rubber was utilized.  Asphalt-rubber has been
utilized in hopes of limiting reflective cracking by means of a stress absorbing membrane or a stress absorbing
membrane interlayer.  Using asphalt-rubber in a dense graded bituminous mixture was also attempted with the intent to
limit reflective cracking while also resisting stripping due to greater film thickness on the aggregate and greater
impermeability to water.  The Plus-Ride ™ system of using granular rubber and a gap-graded aggregate in a plant-mixed
bituminous surface was employed in hopes of creating a self-deicing pavement.  The results from these test projects
vary from site to site but overall the Department remains cautiously optimistic that asphalt-rubber can be an effective
tool in pavement maintenance and reconstruction.
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