Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
Using Shredded Waste Tires as a Lightweight Fill Material for Road Subgrades - Summary Report
Engstrom, Glenn M and Lamb, Rich, MDOT  
April, 1994  
Performance, Noise  
Key Words:
Waste tires, lightweight fill, subgrade  
Waste tires have been a disposal problem in the past and are continuing to accumulate throughout the US today.  Using
shredded waste tires as a lightweight fill material for road construction has proven to be a beneficial use of this waste
product.  In general, the material is very elastic, very porous, contains good vibration damping properties, and is easily
compacted.  On the downside, shredded tires lack set design standard and specifications.  The report also documents
some of the environmental testing completed on shredded tires to date.
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