Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
Rubber Modified Asphalt Concrete, Route I-44, Laclede County – Construction Phase Report
Shelton, Mark  
November, 1993  
Key Words:
Rubber modified asphalt  
Test sections are overlays over pcc and consist of three inches of type I-B asphaltic concrete binder courses with two
inches of rubber modified asphalt concrete (RMAC) surface with the dry process.  A section of the project used 1 ¼
inches of type I-C asphaltic concrete binder course with 1 ¾ inches of asphalt rubber concrete (ARC) surface with the
wet process.  Mix designs were provided by the asphalt-rubber supplier and approved by the Missouri Highway and
Transportation Department.  For this project, the contractor provided a performance warranty.  RMAC flushed under the
roller until the asphalt content was reduce by 0.5% below the job mix formula.  The project will be periodically evaluated
for performance.  Mix designs and test data are included.
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