Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
Asphalt Additives Study – Construction Report
Diringer, Kathleen T. and Smith, Joseph  
New Jersey  
February, 1985  
Key Words:
asphalt additives, bituminous concrete, asphalt rubber  
This report documents the construction of control and additive-modified bituminous concrete test sections on Route NJ
41, Section 3A.  This widening and realignment project utilizes full-depth bituminous construction, with five asphalt
additives (Chemkrete, Texcrete, Solar Laglugel, 3M’s #5990, and PlusRide) being used in the 1 ½-inch top course.  Each
test section, approximately 36 ft. wide and 1740 ft. in length, is identical from subbase to bottom course, varying only in
the additive-modified top course.  The comparative performance of these test sections will be monitoring over a five-
year period; the monitoring plan and baseline measurements are provided in this report.  The “controlled environment”
provided for during construction of these test sections should permit definitive conclusions to be made as to the cost-
benefit value of these additives.  Preliminary recommendations regarding production and construction of additive-
modified bituminous mixes are also presented.
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