Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
Evaluation of Asphalt Additives: Lava Butte To Fremont Highway Junction - Interim Report
Hicks, R.G.; Martin, Keith and Wilson, James E.  
June, 1987  
Key Words:
asphalt concrete, additives, mix design, construction, performance  
This report summarizes the design, construction, and initial performance phases of an asphalt concrete pavement test
project concerned with the evaluation of asphalt additives.  The project consisted of ten test sections, including rubber
modified asphalt concrete, fiber reinforced asphalt concrete, asphalt concrete with a chemical antistripping agent, or
combinations thereof.  The design report includes a summary of both the structural and mix design results.  The
construction phase includes descriptions of the construction process, problems encountered, and cost data.  The initial
performance phase includes the results of laboratory tests on both box samples and cores, and field tests (deflection,
ride and skid resistance) performed shortly after construction.  A follow-up report will present detailed results of the
performance of the ten test sections.
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