Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt Concrete in Oregon, Summary Report
Hunt, Elizabeth and Peters, Wendy  
July, 1995  
Key Words:
Pavement, asphalt, admixtures, rubber, ground tires  
Over the last nine years, the Oregon DOT has constructed 13 projects using crumb rubber modifiers in asphalt concrete
pavements using both the wet and dry process.  Three of the projects included more than one type of crumb rubber
modifier.  All projects included a control section.  Research data has been collected on the majority of projects and five
construction reports have been written detailing the results.  State and federal legislation may require the use of
recycled rubber in asphalt concrete; therefore, the Oregon DOT is interested in determining the most cost-effective
rubber modified asphalt concrete.  This report includes a literature review on the use of crumb rubber modifiers in
asphalt concrete pavement; a review on non-ODOT CRM paving projects constructed by Oregon counties and cities; and
the Washington DOT.  In addition, the report summarizes the date collected on all CRM hot mix asphalt concrete
pavement projects constructed by ODOT.
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