Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
Utilization of Fly and Bottom Ash as Partial Fine Aggregate Replacement in Asphalt Concrete Mixtures
Vassiliadou, E. Eleni; Wheeler, Berry R.; Amirkhanian, Serji N.  
South Carolina  
October, 1993  
Key Words:

The main objective of this research was to evaluate the effect of partial replacement of fine aggregate by fly and bottom
ash, on selected physical properties of asphalt concrete mixtures.  Specific objectives of this research included:
1)  Study the effect of fly and bottom ash on the indirect tensile strengths (dry and wet) and tensile strength ratios of
   asphalt concrete mixtures.
2)  Study the effect of hydrated lime on various asphaltic mixtures containing coal ash under wet and dry conditions.
3)  Determine whether significant differences existed among the two coal ash sources as observed by indirect tensile
   strengths and tensile strength ratios.
4)  Determine whether different coal ash percentages produced any significant differences among mean values of
   indirect tensile strengths and tensile strength ratios.
5)  Study the effect of coal ash as detected by indirect strengths and tensile strength ratios among Marshall specimens
  prepared with three different aggregate sources.
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