Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
Field Trials of Asphalt Rubber Hot Mix in Virginia
Maupin, G.W. Jr.  
January, 1995  
Key Words:
Asphalt rubber, crumb rubber, wet process, dense-graded mix, gap-graded mix, base mix, test sections, lab tests  
Four test sections using asphalt rubber hot mix were places in Virginia during the period of 1990 through 1993.  The
purpose of these installations was to familiarize both contractors and Virginia DOT personnel with the construction
process and compare the performance of different types of mixes containing ground tire rubber.  The asphalt rubber
mixes have performed as well as the conventional mixes over the short term.  More evaluation time is needed to
determine if the long-term performance of the asphalt rubber mixes is superior to that of the conventional mixes.  The
cost of the asphalt rubber mixes was 64 to 102 percent more than that of the conventional mixes, however, this cost
would probably decrease if substantial quantities were placed.
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