Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
Evaluation of Asphalt Rubber Stress-Absorbing Membrane
Maupin, Jr., G.W. and C.W. Payne  
September, 1997  
Key Words:
SAM, asphalt rubber, cracking, aggregate loss, friction  
This report describes the construction and evaluation of a stress-absorbing membrane (SAM) using a liquid asphalt
binder containing ground tire rubber.  Approximately 10 lane-km of SAM and 4 lane-km of control surface treatment for
comparison were constructed in 1992.
There was excessive loss of coarse aggregate under traffic on the SAM section, resulting in broken windshields.  
Although aggregate loss was significant, friction values were generally satisfactory.  SAM was effective in keeping
cracks of the underlying surface sealed.  Because it appears difficult to determine and use the proper amount of binder
to prevent aggregate loss and bleeding, the authors recommend that SAMs not be pursued further as method of surface
treatment in Virginia.
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