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City of Thousand Oaks- Experience with Asphalt Rubber Hot Mix
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The city of Thousand Oaks awarded its first contract for Gap Graded Asphalt Rubber Hot Mix for street maintenance
overlays on May 28, 1991.  At that time it was the largest municipal ARHM project ever awarded in California.  51,271 tons
of ARHM were placed for a final contract value of $3,024,677.  The cost per ton of ARHM was $55.25.  They awarded
contracts of approximately $1.5 million each in consecutive years to the present with a total of 284,00 tons of ARHM
placed on approximately 100 miles of arterial and residential streets.  Recently the per-ton cost for ARHM has
approximately has averaged at $49 for combinations of day/night work, arterial and residential mixes.  All work was
competitively bid in accordance with public contracting codes and prevailing wages were paid.
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