Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
Performance of Rubberized Asphalt Mixes in Alaska
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Saboundjian, Stephen & Radd, Lutfi  
January, 1997  
Key Words:
Asphalt rubber; Condition surveys; Crumb rubber; Deformation; Elastic analysis; Fatigue (Mechanics); Fatigue tests;
Fracture mechanics; Low temperature; Performance; Performance evaluations; Rutting; Thermal stresses; Transverse
This study evaluated fatigue and thermal cracking as well as permanent deformation resistance of several rubberized
asphalt mixtures in comparison with conventional mixes.  The rubberized mixes consisted of PlusRide and
asphalt-rubber mixes, in addition to a trial mix consisting of a combination of the wet and dry processes.  Alaska DOT
and Public Facilities designated pavement sections were sampled to conduct flexural beam fatigue tests, thermal stress
restrained specimen tests and Georgia loaded-wheel tests on both rubberized and conventional mixes.  Test results
showed the superiority of the rubberized mixes in terms of fatigue and thermal cracking.  The conventional mixtures
outperformed the rubberized mixes in resisting permanent deformation.
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