Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
An Innovative Process for On-Site Hot Recycling of Six-Year-Old Open-Graded Mixes
Fourtier, Stephanie, SANEF, and Sainton, Alain, BUEGNET  
Industry, International, France  
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The A1 Autoroute connecting Paris with Northern Europe is one of the most heavily traffic roads carrying an average of
40,000 vehicles per day, 30% of which are trucks.  In the early 1980’s, during rainy weather, truck traffic had become
such a problem that the highway authority, and SCETAUROUTE Nord, its construction division, began to evaluate ways
to address safety hazards of bad weather.  A test was implemented on a particularly troublesome section of the roadway
around Compiegne by resurfacing with a pervious overlay; based on laboratory data as well as field experience, the
pervious overlay was an asphalt-rubber open-graded mix (DRAINOCHAPE) developed by BEUGNET.
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