Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
Rubberized Rap Recycling, Ferry Street, Newark, NJ
Connolly E., and Sutton, A.  
New Jersey  
August, 1992  
Key Words:
Ground tire rubber
With the incipient Federal regulations mandating the use of ground tire rubber, one of the biggest concerns of the
asphalt industry is the recyclability of asphalt pavements containing ground tire rubber.  Currently, recycling of asphalt
pavement is routine in most states.  Recycling is an economically viable method to dispose of RPA without detrimental
effects on the pavement quality.
The question now arises regarding the recycling of asphalt pavements which contain ground tire rubber.  Will the
Federal regulations eliminate a ton of rubber tires today only to generate 50 to 100 tons of asphalt pavements which
cannot be recycled in the future?  This is a big question when you look at the overall environmental picture.  In an effort
to answer this question, the Department became involved in the recycling of rubberized RAP on Ferry Street in Newark,
Two issues were to be evaluated.  The first issue was air emissions from the asphalt plant.  There is concern that during
recycling rubberized RAP mixes, there may be unacceptable emissions from the asphalt plant.  The final report on the air
emissions testing is not available at this time.  This report will deal with the second issue to be evaluated which is the
materials testing of the RPA mix.
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