Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
Burlington County Closed Loop Used Tire Recycling Facility
Takallou, Barry Dr., TAK Consulting Engineers  
New Jersey  
May, 1996  
Key Words:

More than 282 million scrap tires, or approximately 1 tire per person, are generated each year in the United States.  More
than 75 percent of these scrap tires are placed in landfills and stockpiles or dumped illegally.  Some estimates indicate
that illegal dumping may account for more than 70 percent of all scrap tire disposals.  This steady stream of new scrap
tires plus the 2 to 3 million waste tires that have accumulated in stockpiles and uncontrolled tire dumps or has been
scattered across the landscape, create a significant disposal problem.  This report compares the advantages and
disadvantages of having a tire recycling facility in Burlington County.
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