Asphalt Rubber Technology Information Center
California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) - Asphalt Rubber Usage Guide

September, 2006
Key Words:

This Asphalt Rubber Usage Guide is intended for use by Caltrans design, construction, and maintenance managers and
engineers, as well as by field personnel involved in placement of asphalt rubber paving materials including hot mixes
and surface treatments. The purpose of this Guide is to provide state-of-the-practice information regarding product
selection and use, design, production, construction, and quality control and assurance of the asphalt rubber binder,
paving materials and spray applications.  The intent is to enable Caltrans to optimize the use of asphalt rubber materials
to obtain the advertised benefits. This Guide provides an overview of asphalt rubber (AR) materials, component s and
binder design, and of the benefits and limitations of these materials. This Guide describes the various types of asphalt
rubber products available for use in hot mixes and spray (membrane) applications , and presents criteria for selection
and use.
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